Training for trainers, Sicily, Italy

Training for trainers, Sicily, Italy

Between April 26th and 30th, the EcoActiZenship project’s “Training for trainers” initial mobility was held in Cefalu, Sicily. This mobility marked the beginning of the project and provided a foundation for understanding its themes in a non-formal way.

The main aim of the activities was to encourage civic engagement and develop the environmental consciousness of participants. The trainers, MarcoValerio Battaglia and Francesca Salmeri from IPA, used informal teaching methods to highlight the relationship between humans and the natural world, emphasizing the importance of incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable practices into daily life.

Participants and team members from Greece and Italy were asked for feedback and brainstormed ideas to promote environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable behavior and practices, which support long-term ecological balance and human well-being. Through adopting sustainable practices, the participants learned that individuals, communities, and businesses can contribute to preserving the planet and the well-being of current and future generations. This activity was funded by the National Agency of Italy under the Erasmus+ program as part of the EcoActiZenship Youth Participation Activity.

The first day started with an exploration of the environment and creating a board map depicting the participants’ daily morning mood. Participants then had the opportunity to explore the seaside and connect with a natural element using a digital tool to learn more about it and share their connection with the team.

The following activities focused on team building in natural environments. Participants worked together to build a lasting fortification from rocks at the seaside and then went blindfolded to feel nature and their partners to be guided to a specific point.

On the third day, participants cleaned the beach and surrounding area and then discussed actions that the project and they could take to promote eco-activism in groups. The day closed with two nature-based mission impossible. The participants had to do rock rappel with a sup to explore nature and find a cave, where they had to build their own fortese.

The fourth day was a team activity in the mountains of Cefalu. Participants explored and reflected on the change from the seaside to the woods, connecting with memories that this environment may have evoked.

The final day closed with a sport activity in the Rocca of Cefalu. Participants hiked to the top of the hill together

In conclusion, this 5-day mobility  not only promoted practices but also made the participants reflect on the educational processes they can adopt and promote in their own trainings.