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The EcoActiZenship is an Erasmus + KA1 project aiming to encourage youth to become more civically engaged while enhancing their digital background and identity as active eco-citizens of this world.

About the Project

​​​​This project aims to encourage youth to become more civically engaged while enhancing their digital background and identity as active eco-citizens of this world. Italian and Greek youth get familiarized with active citizenship and civic engagement through activities linked to nature and trainings dedicated explicitly to digital literacy. It is a Youth Participation Activity under the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ programme, funded by the National Agency of Italy with the code 2022-1-IT03-KA154-YOU-000063610.

To empower and educate the future agents of social change, getting them to know and experience the importance of civic engagement through the lens of sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and digitalization.

To equip Italian and Greek youth with tools and skills of the 21st century, securing their participation in decision-making, civic engagement, and EU processes. Skills like critical thinking and media literacy, green skills, and digital competencies will be at the project’s core.

To provide young people with fewer opportunities, especially from rural and peripheral areas, with valuable experience to discover and improve themselves through awareness and engagement, including in the activities participants from remote areas that will feel part of a joint project.

To create links of communication and understanding between the participants-youth and decision-makers, helping the first ones feel part of a common community and the last ones to actively listen to the demands and needs of youth while accelerating the democratic process and participation.


Meet the partners behind the EcoActiZenship project

Youthmakers Hub (YMH) – Greece

Youthmakers Hub (YMH) is a European non-profit organization based in Greece, specializing in Capacity Building and Communication & Dissemination for impact-driven projects in Europe and Africa. The organization’s vision is to cultivate a new generation of empowered young individuals who create positive change in their communities. YMH’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for social change by providing the necessary tools & knowledge and fostering collaborations between Europe and Africa.

Contact person: Pinelopi Katsigianni

Email: pinelopi.katsigianni@youthmakershub.com

Io Per l’ Altro (IPA) – Italy

The Io Per l’Altro – IPA is a non-profit, non-governmental, social, and humanitarian organization that operates nationally and internationally. It aims to improve the quality of life for people through emergency assistance, permanent projects and local development to help those in need, balanced personal and social development, and accountability actions. Since we believe in the power of diversity, this organization is intentionally multicultural and diverse, allowing the entire team to learn how to work in a multicultural environment, which has become the organization’s strength. This has provided the association members with the tools to carry out an international network capable of realizing projects in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

As part of Erasmus +, we are highly motivated to be an active NGO, spreading all the opportunities that this program can offer. In particular, the adopted methodology, non-formal education, is a field of great interest to the members of the board who have not only participated in exchanges and trainings but have also promoted this program through specific projects such as noWalls-moreWords-2017, WE AfriHug-2018 and Sawang-2020.

Contact person: Marco Valerio Battaglia

Email: ipaostia@gmail.com

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